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Helvella acetabulum - Sporocular whole height 30-80 mm; cuplike.

Head, or rather - the upper part of the fruiting body, 25-60 mm in diameter, irregularly hemispherical during youth, age with a cupped edge with torn edge. The inner surface is fertile, smooth, the color is gray-brown, olive-brown, dark brown, sometimes with a purple shade; ripe white sprinkled. The outer surface is sterile, off-white, with age pale brown, with a slight white coating; grooved, downwardly more ribbed, going into a white, rooted part of the stem.

The lower part of the fruiting body - makes up about 1/3 of its entire height; longitudinally pleated, reticular, angularly ribbed; off-white, cream-colored.

The flesh is thin, fragile, brittle, bast; white, off-white. The smell and taste are indistinct, slightly musty.

Occurrence: in deciduous and coniferous forests, in forest glades, near forest paths; in bright, sandy places. It grows singly or in dispersed groups; from April to July. Quite common.

Value: edible fungus.

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