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Cantharellus friesii - The hat is 20 to 50 mm in diameter, at the height of the youth it is flattering, later funnel-shaped, with a depression in the middle; the shore is tied up in a youth, quickly wavy, irregularly curled; the surface is dry, smooth, matt, it can be slightly soaked; viv orange in various shades.

Ribbed slats, irregularly connected, converging on the shaft; yellowish, orange, sometimes salmon or pinkish.

Stem 10 to 35 mm high, 3 to 7 mm thick; it is a tapered hat extension tapering downwards smoothly; in the same colors or slightly lighter; with a smooth surface, sometimes a bit softer; at full age, then empty.

Flesh thin, fragile, rather soft, in the stipe fibrous; whitish; mild taste, a bit shy, odor weak, pleasant.

Occurrence: On the ground, in warm deciduous and mixed forests; grows individually or in groups, sometimes sporocarps fused with bases at the base. From July to October.

Value: Claims about shelf-life are divided. Some authors argue that it is edible, others that it is inedible, hard to digest.

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