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Boletus rubellus - Hat 30-100 mm in diameter, initially hemispherical, later cushioned, flat, sometimes sunken, vivid cherry color, blood red, wine red, purple red, later often fading and matte pink, dry surface, velvet, suede, older specimens during drought can have a skin cracked into small plots.

Tubes first yellow, then yellowish green, after cutting blue.

Pipe colors.

Stem 30-110 mm high, up to 25 mm thick, cylindrical, sometimes bulging, at the top and at the base yellow to orange, in the middle covered with red suede or on a yellow background red-dotted, fibrous, full, after compressed sinieje.

Flesh yellow, golden yellow, under the skin reddish, at the intersection slightly sandy, soft and quickly decaying, sour taste, odor indistinct.

Occurrence: On the ground, in warm deciduous forests, mainly under oaks and lindens, less often in mixed forests, not very common. From July to October.

Value: Edible fungus

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