Flowers in my backyard — Steemit

Flowers in my backyard

in photography •  9 months ago


I don't know the name of this one but the woman who gave it to me said this is a wild flower.
This one having a long pointed leaves is called "banda" flower my mother in law gave this to me during our town place vacation in their province of Mindanao she give me many banda flower but its only one that left for me because my cousin had taken them and i share,too with my permission.Next time i will ask again from my mother in law when we can make our next vacation because i really love flowers and plants.
These flowers are having a white scented flowers.I love them all it can make me smile. -@mariaalaysia

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not so well

Maganda Ang mga Yan kapag mamulaklak.


Tama po puting bulaklak na mabango maganda mag alaga.