How to collect mushrooms and not to pay for their consumption with death?

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Mushroom season is in full swing because autumn rains support their growth. Although mushroom picking is pleasant, and the mushrooms themselves very tasty, when going with the basket to the forest, you need to know how to recognize edible mushrooms from inedible.

Edible mushrooms are often easy to be mistaken for inedible mushrooms very similar to them, many of which are poisonous. Starting the adventure of picking mushrooms, you need to learn how to recognize them. Sometimes the differences in the appearance of the edible mushroom and its poisonous counterpart are really small, so when going for mushroom picking, it's good to have a good atlas of mushrooms with you. The collected specimens should be seen again after returning home to make sure that there are no mushrooms among them, the eating of which can cause death or health problems.

How to collect mushrooms so as not to pay for their consumption with death? It is recommended to collect mushrooms with tubes (they form a kind of "sponge" on the bottom of the hat) because there are no deadly mushrooms among them. All species of fungi that are deadly poisonous have plaques on the underside of the cap. However, it should be remembered that those with tubes can cause food problems. If you have any doubts about the fungus being recognized, you should give up eating it.

Unfortunately, poisonous mushrooms appeared in my forest, However, we have several types of edible mushrooms, and this is very pleasing. Morning scrambled eggs on own mushrooms from the forest is poetry of taste and delight for the palate.





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I believe that the are mushrooms that can make you feel very funny ( magic mushrooms ) ? Cheers mike

It depends, being honest it looks really magical. Exactly like you said so :) Greetings

In my local community they is a saying that "edible mushrooms have grooves under their cap." I believe there could be an element of truth in this.

Thank you for sharing interesting info :) Greetings

It is so good to see posts from you again! Mushrooms and scrambled eggs! Yum!

I am glad that you like it. I call my breakfast the royal one :) Greetings

Most of my mushrooms come from the grocery store, but you inspired me to buy some today to go with my eggs!

Bon Appetit. I'm glad I inspired you. :)

That's a very important post nice to read about that and so good to see you once again after so long

Glad to be back, still don't know for how long :) Greetings

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Yes!! Yumminess! I do not trust myself to pick mushrooms! I used to do it with my grandmother, but, over time have lost the skill, so I will no longer do it!

Hi, Margaret!!!! Welcome back! We missed you!


In my family I trusted my father, I ate mushrooms without any problems. Being in Alaska I noticed that my husband's dad has mushrooming skills. Like father, like son. Now I know that my husband has a very good knowledge of mushrooms. It's great to have someone like that especially when he can make such excellent scrambled eggs :)

Greetings and kisses

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