"Forest Spirit" - Poem - My soul is weeping and little diamonds fall on the floor to make the poem.

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Windswept wedding procession,
plunging your feet in the vast expanse of snow,
in flawless, bright whiteness,
game from the mountain runners by a dance.

Fluffy petals blur the tracks.
They guard the secrets of the forest spirits.
They gave me a drink from a magic spell,
the charm of the place, wanting to share.




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My work without them would not make sense, thank you for your support.

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It's great that you started posting again after your absence for very long time.

The landscape covering with snow is wonderful and the big sun behind the trees is really gorgeous. The plant with the snowflake is beautiful.

Great capture and nice poem, as always! ;)

Thank you for such nice words, as always ;) I am glad that you like it. Winter was super cold; when Greg opened the door, I could see how the frost entered my house. It looked creepy ^^ Kisses

You're welcome! Oh! I wish to have "super cold" weather, too. It's really hot here.....

Stay warm and take care, my dear sister! Hugs! ;))

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