My Travel : The Beautiful Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City)

in photography •  last year 

During my stay in Asia I had a chance to visit many countries, including Vietnam and I'm so glad for that.. What really astonished me was not only the beauty of the country but also the kindness of the people.. What an experience! To learn and see with your eyes the history of the country and people was something that really makes you reflect and think about life!

By the way, yes there are some pool areas which could be quite shocking especially for those who are used to European and US cities, however what they teach you is the money don't bring happiness.. The people who live in these areas are so full of life, so kind and receptive that makes us confused and question ourselves "Do we really understand the value of life?"

One Experience: If you plan to visit Ho Chi Minh you will have a great experience when you have to cross a major road.. No stop lights, just keep walking without changing your walking speed and let dozens bikes pass and avert by you...

IMG_0412.JPGIMG_0368 2.JPGIMG_0537.JPGIMG_0725.JPGIMG_0757.JPGIMG_0762.JPGIMG_0768.JPGIMG_0826.JPG

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missed Vietnam so much, lovely pictures!