TRAVEL... Place to discover : Reef from sky - Mayotte !!!!! 5 PHOTOS !!!

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TRAVEL... Place to discover : Reef from sky - Mayotte !!!!! 5 PHOTOS !!!

Selection of photos of my last week !!!

In this article, I invite you to discover 5 of my photos and some explanations about a specific subject of my travels or of my underwater immersions.

Reef from sky - Mayotte

DJI_0029 copie.jpg

Taking a little height on things allows to assimilate all the construction and also all the fragility. This is true for a reef, and for many current social facts! Mayotte
Prendre un peu de hauteur sur les choses permet d'en assimiler toute la construction et aussi toute la fragilité. C'est vrai pour un récif, et pour de nombreux faits de société bien actuel ! Mayotte

Google translation - Original text in french

DJI_0035 copie 2.jpg


DJI_0046 copie.jpg

DJI_0006 copie 2.jpg

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That's so awesome, love the reef images - which drone? I'm going to Hawaii next week and bringing my DJI Mavic Air 2!

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