Christmas fairy lights

I took this portrait of a friend in Netherlands, we used some battery powered fairy lights we had and with snow that was falling at the time
the scene was very beautiful!


Such an awesome photo. Should be in a gallery.
You've captured the magic in the air.
She is sensational and beautiful as well.

Thank you! i hope one day it will! it won also a competition!

That's wonderful to hear. It's deserving of winning... :)

This is a beautiful picture. The subject is lit and she is offset to the left of the observer so that more frame is left on the right (where she is looking at). The snow flakes are adding more details to the picture.

I stay in Nantes (France). Unfortunately it didn't snow here while it snowed else where in France and in other European countries.

Thank you!! and for your words!
Paris is amazing with snow but i don't know if it'w near or far!

Paris is in th north-eastern side. It's around 350km from Nantes. It did snow in Paris this year.

It looks magical. In our family we are always playing with the lights during celebrations or events. It can make every scene looks magical.
Beautiful photo.

Thanks! yes i like them! i put them in many of my shootings, sometimes on weddings also!

wowww..amazing..i like it

I never feel and see snow, because in my country there are only 2 seasons (rain and summer), maybe one day I can see it directly. 😇😇😇

I hope that you will one day! In my country we have snow almost every winter! And hot summers, but i hate summer

may my wishes be real, but during the winter. because I also hate summer ..hahahaha..All right, enjoy your beautiful day there 😊

Really loving this composition and look. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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