in photography •  6 months ago  (edited)

Coming out of BJ's Warehouse this caught my eye on a clear blue sky day. A vapor or chem trail going straight across the sky from horizon to horizon. This was yesterday afternoon in Riverhead, NY.





Needed 4 photos to get the whole thing in. Took a quick video to really verify this Mother.

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Dang that is a big one! I used to have some old chemtrail pics of grid patterns I've seen in the sky. I've even seen chemtrail webbing that has fallen to the ground.

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I know right? My own Dad is one of these mutants.

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Thanks for looking up Mike :) #LookUp

I think I'm one of the few. Most are looking at their phones.... :-)

WowZa! that sure is a doozy! lol

That's what I say too. How's the back coming along?

Sadly, we get them all the time.

The world is changing.

The End is NIGH! Brother Mike!!

No place to run, no place to hide. :-(