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Black as the depths of the sea, beautiful as the night ... Sensual and powerful at the same time!


Behind its enigmatic curves, hides one of the noblest contraptions created by man, an exquisite musical instrument.


Through its frets and strings, the fingers of a dreamy artist intertwine, seeking to express themselves with more than words.


Magnificent as a black thoroughbred steed ... and just as untamed! The one who is taking his reins, crossing the bridge that dreams travel, goes to the world of those people who wait for a comforting melody.


Photos taken with my Motorola G4 Plus and intervened using PicsArts Photo Studio

Thanks so much for visiting my blog!!!

manu blog.jpg


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Hermosa guitarra!, aunque no soy muy fan de gibson o epiphone, esta es muy bonita, mi PRS es muy parecida :)

Gracias hermano!!! Es una de las guitarras que tenemos en mi sitio de trabajo! Yo soy 100% pro Fender, incluso coincido contigo en que mi otra marca de guitarra favorita es sin duda PRS. Sin embargo, esta Epiphone suena bastante equilibrada y está muy sabrosa al tacto . Además de ser muy bella!!! Mil gracias por comentar!!! Saludos!!!

Cool captures, good job!!!

Thanks so much!!! I'm honored that you liked my photos. greetings and blessings

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