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in #photography7 years ago

Having some fun getting some Jagua tattoos today I want to get a real bitcoin tattoo soon!



I hope with a QR Code ;)

Hi, I am the crypto kid @ Deselsteem ...i am 12 and am following you ...I noticed no new posts ..hope you come back...I do have a facebook called *Kids on Steem to make it easier for us kids to connect.
Happy Day.... :D

Nice tatto :)
I follow u. Plz see my account @kakilasak :)

I´ve seen dudes with a Steemit T-shirt but getting a tattoo is really comitting to Bitcoin! Would you ever consider a Steemit tattoo? :D Hahaha

Where can I get one of these beautiful tattoos :D

You look like Sylvester Stallone from Rocky movie......grinning

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