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Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited is the pioneer in Islamic banking section in Bangladesh. This is the first Islamic Bank in Southeast Asia, operated by Islamic Shari'ah. The bank was established on March 13, 1983 as a public limited company under the Companies Act, 1913. [4] Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited is a commercial bank established in joint investment with 36.91% local and 63.09% foreign investment. [1] With a total of 318 branches [2] [5], the bank has become the largest bank among the private banks of the country. It is the listed company of Dhaka Stock Exchange Limited and Chittagong Stock Exchange Limited, whose approved capital is Tk 20,000 million and the paid up capital is 16,636.28 million rupees.
Private Commercial Bank
Banking, financial services
Dhaka, Bangladesh (13 March, 1983) [1]
40 Dilkusha, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Regional services
Bangladesh and the outside world
Main person
Professor Md. Nazmul Hassan, PhD [2]
Md. Abdul Hamid Mia
(managing director)
Banking services (services)
ATM services,
Consumer (banking) banking,
Business (Corporate) Banking,
Investment Banking
The increase was Tk 25.403 billion
($ 0.363 billion)
Net income
The increase is Tk 6.518 billion
(0.093 billion US dollars)
{December 2010}
Total assets
Increase of 340.638 billion rupees
(4.866 billion US dollars)
{December 2010}
Total Equity
Growth 33.716 billion rupees
(0.812 billion US dollars)
Establishment of interest-free bank Many old people of Bangladesh In the 1960s, Egypt was the first non-subsidiary of Egypt's Mettagamum [citation needed] Islami Bank was established.
This led to the movement of establishment of such a bank in Bangladesh. In 1976, Islamic Economics Research Bureau was established in Dhaka under the leadership of renowned Islamic thinker Maulana Muhammad Abdur Rahim. In November 1992, a delegation of Islamic Development Bank visited Bangladesh. During this time, they expressed interest in participating in the private sector joint venture with the IDB to establish an Islamic bank. In order to prepare the areas for the establishment of Islamic banking in Bangladesh, 'Islamic Economy Research Bureau' (IERB) and Bangladesh Islami Bank Samity (Biba) play a leading and important role. As a result of multidimensional efforts, on 13 March 1983, the first interest-free bank of Southeast Asia named Dhaka International Islami Bank Limited [citation needed] was established. In the year 1983, the first Islamic Bank of Bangladesh was created as Dacca International Islami Bank Limited and the bank's signboards and promotion booklets were still used.
Alhaj Mofizur Rahman was the project director of the bank until March 29. Then from March 30, the bank started operations in the name of Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited. [8] Sobihul Alam, artist and caligraphist of the bank made the monogram. In this regard, 19 Bangladeshi personalities, 4 Bangladeshi organizations and IDBs including 11 banks of the Middle East and Europe, financial institutions and government organizations and two prominent personalities of Saudi Arabia came forward as entrepreneurs for the establishment of Islamic Bank in Bangladesh. They gave pavilions at Dhaka International Trade Fair to provide services to the customers. The beauty of your pavilion was very beautiful. Their pavilion was decorated and very beautiful. I took some pictures of you, hopefully it will be good to see their pavilion decorations. Thank you.

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