Metador Company Limited At Dhaka International Trade Fair 2019!!!

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Dhaka International Trade Fair 2019. In this fair, big companies of Bangladesh are giving stalls to the fair to meet their customers' needs. I met the Metadore Company Limited at Dhaka International Trade Fair. MATADOR (Man Portable Anti Tank Anti-Door)
IDF-Matador-66-Independence Day 0054.jpgMATADOR stand.jpg
MATADOR (Man Portable Anti Tank, Anti-DOR)
Recoilless gun type
Israel's place
Service history
Service 2000-Present
Used by users
War of Gaza War
Production history
Designers Singapore Armed Forces,
Rafael Advanced Defense System,
Defense Science and Technology Organization
1999 designed by
Creator Dynamite Nobel Defense
Mass 8.9 kg (19 lb 10 oz)
Length 1m (3 ft 3 in)
Caliber 90 mm (3.5 inches)
Lip velocity 250 m / s (820 ft / second)
500m (1,600 feet) of effective firing
Feed Disposable System
Perspectives are integral optical spectacles
A Picatinny Rail Night Vision device
MATADOR (Man Portable Anti Tank, Anti-DOOR) is a 90mm (3.5 inch) Man Portable, enhanced anti-armor weapon system in collaboration with Israel and Singapore. This is an updated version of the German Armström Design and operates in the same principles. The development of this weapon started in 2000, and MATADOR would finally replace the Armstrong Lite Anti-Tank Surgery of the German-Singapore, which served in the 1980s.
Matador was jointly organized by Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) and Defense Science and Technology Agency (DSTA) in collaboration with the Rafayl Advanced Defense System and Dynamite Combined Combined Team (DND) joint team.
MATADOR is among the light in its class. Battlefield is effective against both car armor and brick walls. The weapon has a little backlight, it is safe to operate in limited space.

MATADOR is supposed to be able to defeat the most known Armored staff carriers and light tank armor in the world. While acting in delay mode, Dual-Capability Warhead opens more than 450 mm (18 in) diameter in a double brick wall, and acts as anti-worker weapon against the people behind the wall, when fighting in a built-up area in an unusual way Enter

MATADOR's project is claimed to be insensitive due to its propulsion system, which is a highly suitable surgical procedure.
Warheads can be used both in the case of high explosive anti-tank (hits) and high explosive squash heads (HESH) respectively against surgical and armor or other forts. [1] The selection extends a "probe" (probably a fuse extender) for hit mode, and "withdraw" for HESH mode.

Countermus system

Compare Armbrust (top) and MATADOR (bottom).
Similar to Armbrust, counteracts the firing recoil on countermass surgery. The counter-structures are holes in plastic, which are used to launch the gun on the back side of the weapon. This plastic is slower by rapid air resistance, allowing the arms to be fired safely in a close spaces. In addition, the location of fraud considers the gravitational center of the weapon to ensure better balance for accurate accuracy.


IDF soldier with a MATADOR
More variations of the Madadara are also made by Raphael and Dynamite Nobel Defense, which are designed primarily to use anti-structures by soldiers operating in dense urban environments.
A surgical multi-purpose weapon, effective against different types of ground targets, protected positions from light-armored vehicles and urban walls. As a basic MATADOR, it is achieved by a dual-mode fuse, which has been upgraded to MATADOR-MP, as it automatically disables automatic and hard targets for the operator to run the selection automatically. A dedicated targeting device mounted on a packing train, includes a reflection scene and laser rangefinder to provide high adversity.
Matador-World Bank
Special wall-broken weapons, which combines an explosive-forming ring (EFR) warhead, which generally breaks a human-size hole, from human beings 75 centimeters (30 in) to 100 cm (39 in).
Anti-formation weapon with an advanced tandem warhead that can be set in two modes. Using sharp explosion effects to defeat anti-replacement mode structures and forts, sharp / mouse-hologeling mode defeats light-shielded cars and builds mausoleums in urban walls. MATADOR-AS was ordered by the British Army, and was slated for service entry in 2009. Over the ages, Metadore Company Limited has been fulfilling the needs of the people. I have put some pictures of their stall in you. I hope you like. Thank you.

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