The Common Protea

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I took these photos on top of the hill just above the Walter Sisulu Botanical Garden. They were taken with a Samsung A3 2017. I tried to capture as many aspects of the common protea as I could. Hope you like it.


The leaves look like flowers from far, but the leaves are just red because they are not yet completely developed.


Below is how the flower looks when it is dead.



Above and below shows the flower at different stages before blooming.


The flower below is in full bloom.


This last picture is what a dead common protea looks like. It may have died from the fire, but proteas are generally very fire resistant.



One of the great escapes of Johannesburg, the Walter Sisulu National Botanical Garden in Roodepoort, Gauteng, is almost 300 hectares of landscaped and natural veld that is a haven for birds and a popular picnic spot for Gautengers.

It is a really great place.

Very Nice Pictures! You did a great job

Thank you.

very interesting!

This is pretty brilliant really you did very well job.

Thank you.

Nice pics! I liked to know the protea through your pictures! Thanks for sharing!

Such lovely clear pictures, the plants and flowers looks amazing. I love the rugged landscape too :)

Am really glad that you like the pictures.

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One of your other posts about "macro photo of plant on moss" made me more interested and i had to visit your room to see if it was more posts like this.

Then i saw the kind of posts you post, and i love it, so now you have a new follower.

In time i will look at every single post you post from nature.

I hope you have a great day when you read this. :)

Thanks, I did have a great day. You have some pretty interesting posts on your wall. I am following you.

These are some incredible pictures! I loved your work!

Thank you.

Over 400,000 members on Steemit now, I hope they all see your great posts also.

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