The Bottlebrush

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I love the bottle brush tree as we had a lot of them on our farm and their red flowers were always great to see and attracted a lot of bees. Unfortunately I don't stay on the farm any more, but here are some picture of the one in my Aunt's garden. I took these photos with a Canon PowerShot A810 camera.


The flowers are found on most major new branches and it looks like a brush which gives the tree it's name.


The flowers that are growing are shown in the picture above. there are many of them and when the bloom they have a few "bristles" that add to the brush when all of them have bloomed.


This is still a very young one, so the bark is not very developed, but it gets slightly darker with age and the patern of the bark gets deeper and rougher.


Brand new shoots have a covering of small leaves, just before the proper leaves come out. It kind of looks like a small pine cone.

Hope you enjoyed the photos!


beautiful photography my steemit friend i happy visit my page and read my topics

Hello @madiba we have this flower in our farm too and thsts true it attracts bee because just last sat i was bitten by one and we saw a bee 🐝 house just near it but i didn't know its because of this flower. Thank you for sharing bro.. @easytyga

It seems you are nature love before I know about this flower but today I got detail information in you post. Thanks for great information.

@madiba thanks for sharing the photos look very crisp may have to look at the canon power shot. Do they respond well to indoor lighting ? As most my posts would be close up on staged lighting. Nice post 👍

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Wow... First time I'm actually seeing that specie.
It's really beautiful and looks enticing and juicy.
Little wonder the bees love it..

Nice post

It caught my eyes and holds it

Nice picture I love nature

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Beautiful long will it be planted and what is its temperature dependent growth? @madiba

What an interesting plant, it really looks like the brush! You know those brushes to dust off the furniture! Thank you for the beautiful and interesting pictures!

beautiful photography my steemit friend i happy visit my page and read my topics

Haha I love these shots, what mode was used on the Canon Powershot? Thanks!

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Beautiful shots!

Very beautiful and excellent showcase.

Great photos! I really like the pine cone at the end.

Pretty shots!

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Hiii @madiba, very attractive and wonderful photography of nature, looks so nice, good shots you taken and shows your photography skills, thanks for sharing.... UPVOTE...FOLLOW...

an irresistible and beautiful flower for the first time I see

Lovely photos! I also <3 this plant!

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