Flowers in Macro

in #photography4 years ago


Camera: Samsung A3 2017
ISO: 200
Exposure Time: 1/308
Location: Koolfendal Nature Reserve, South Africa


Camera: Samsung A3 2017
ISO: 200
Exposure Time: 1/1088
Location: Kloofendal Nature Reserve, South Africa


Camera: Samsung A3 2017
ISO: 400
Exposure Time: 1/2688
Location: Kloofendal Nature Reserve, South Africa

Hope you enjoyed it!


wow! it's so beautiful, good photos and cute flowers)

Very Beautiful Work @madiba ... in next post please do share the name of these flowers with us if you can. a big thumbs up for photographer ...

Yes, @madiba we want to know the names of these beautiful flowers.

this flower is just beautiful and photography is excellent!

Nice shot. Will follow you. Maybe wanna take a look at my blog. Made some nice pictures I think

Wow! Amazing photography and amazing flowers as well

Lovely flowers. Great photos!

Awsome photography

Flowers are the symbol of your beauty; life, hope and joy. Flowers are the color of hearts, colorful, full of love, love, and memories. @madiba Your photo's are wonderful all of them . Good gob👍

a flower blossoms for a day, but we're impressed with it for life :)

Good photo good job bro :) Merry Christmas :)

wow nice flower it is....

wow...beautiful Pictures. Great Work!

Very nice.Beauty of nature is very amazingly caught by you . Good job

Great pics. If you wanna look at my post that I posted.

Love your work so much!!!
Please take just 15 seconds out of your day to return the favor, it'll help me a ton! Thank you!

Nice Captures !!

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Beautiful photos! I did some flower photography too You can check it out on my profile ;)

Amazing flower pictures @madiba. Can you teach me how to take such amazing nature pics from DSLR?
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Do check my post about my village farm

We live in a country with beautiful flowers, don't we? Good shots madiba :)

beautiful shots! amazing!

Excellent work @madiba! The beauty of these flowers is appreciated with these shots. A pleasure to see them !!

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