Cloudy Sunset

in #photography4 years ago


This sunset was pretty spectacular to watch and I got a photo with a Samsang A3 2017 while cooking meat on the fire outside.

Hope you liked it!


Crazy beautiful photo, buddy. Talk about an actual fire blazing in the skies. Hypnotic in it's charm and dazzling with it's radiance.

Absolutely spectacular capture. Thanks for sharing. :)

Thank you. I really love sunsets.

I love this sunset photo @madiba ... Wish am there to share that meat with you garnished with red wine wearing steemit T shirt... Nice one ...worthy of my upvote...

Thank you.

Welcome dear...keep it up

Amazing shot!

Nice Capture!

Wow, it allmost looks lige the trees are on fire. Good job!!

Nice post @madiba .. you have a great photography skill .. which i like the most. .. i highly appreciate your hard work .. .. 😊😊😊

over the sunset mountain is very nice GOD creation

I definitely agree with you.

Stunning!! Love your posts!!

great shot, and had to be awesome to watch. I love photography and now following you

Gorgeous sunset

I can only say WOW, and great as photographed with your smartphone. I follow you now. and upvoted your post too. Have a nice weekend and greetings from @thunderland.

I follow you now too.

Thank you.

Deffo worth an upvote picture is absoloutley stunning!

stunning capture. I follow you

Really beautiful tones. Love the color palette. :)

Beautiful photo :). The cooking meat part was the best :O

Thanks. I am glad you liked it.

amazing pic my friend @madiba

I started following you a week ago.
All your publications are wonderful and useful.
Thank you

I am really glad that you like them.

Wow....burning sky

Lucky moment in accurate capturing

It really was.

@madiba, impressive shot taken of the sunset by you, very stunning pic. appreciate your creative skill.the result of your mobile samsung A3 is awsome.

These are some incredible picture! I loved your work!

Beautifull photography of sunset..!💙

Beautiful photo taken @madiba.

Absolutely brilliant!

Beautiful sunset.

so beautiful! like fire on sky

Now I gotta ask... How do you this? They look like paintings... Like perfection!

I love your work :)

I am glad you like it. I like photography because of that reason.

I am currently falling in love with lens... Hoping to capture great moments like you have ^^


Wow @madiba what an amazing capture! love the vibrant colors!!! I've followed you.

I am glad you loved it. Thanks.

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