🕵📷The deceptions we will encounter with landscape photography at the beginning📷💎 - PART 5

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Deception # 6 - The polarization filter does not work well with wide-angle lenses.

Another common facebook and forum statement - do not use polarization filters on wide-angle lenses such as Canon 10-18 IS STM. Why not? Yes, usually with wide-angle lenses, the polarization of light is not uniform across the frame, and if you shoot on a clear sunny day the result will really be a nasty grotesque sky. But this is not the only use of this filter. The monsters immediately cut off that its effect is visible only in sunny days. Is it? Do you want to get bass? Most often I use my polarizing filter on a gloomy rainy day when I hit a forest to shoot trees or waterfalls. Its effect then is striking! Even on a wide angle lens!

A gloomy rainy day in the forest, and the polarization filter works perfectly and removes all reflections of wet vegetation even at 11mm.

Tip: You can safely use the polarization filter on your wide angle lens, just be careful. It is best to use mainly in the woods and in pictures of rivers and waterfalls. In these situations you will have absolutely no problems. It is also possible to use it on a sunny day when the sky is full of white fluffy clouds, you just need to use it a bit more carefully. It is not always necessary to rotate it fully for maximum effect.


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