🕵📷The deceptions we will encounter with landscape photography at the beginning📷💎 - PART 4

in #photography2 years ago (edited)

Deception # 4 - The polarization filter is your friend.

The polarizing filter is the most commonly used landscape filter, and it's usually the first filter we get (not the number of UV filters that are absolutely meaningless in 99% of cases and have no visual effect on the image). Like everyone else, I did not remove it from the lens at all, and I shot it constantly, always using its maximum effect. Big mistake!

Here, for example, it would be much better not to use the maximum effect of the polarization filter because the sky became unnaturally dark.

Tip: I'm not saying forget about the polarization filter. Just do not use it anytime and be careful how you use it - not every time the maximum effect of the filter is best suited for your photo. Sometimes it's best to use half-turn to keep a small amount of reflections to give more space to your photo.

In this case, it is much better to turn the polarizing filter half (the left picture) than the end (the right picture).


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