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Mood effecting photography?

in photography •  last year

This will be short, sweet and a little different direction than previous posts
I edited the following photo two different times. Both edits I like, but depending on the day or time, I like one over the other. But WHY?

IMG_20170407_141531948_HDR.jpg edit 1.

IMG_20170407_141508476_HDR.jpg edit 2

I think it has to do with the mood I am in when I view the picture. Similarly, I have found that my "subjects" I choose to photograph (of which are always wildlife or outdoor landscapes) also seem to change based on my mood. Although, I am always at least content when I'm outdoors, some days I'm relaxed, other days I feel adventurous and that seems to shine through in my photography.

Do you experience similar things? Does your mood impact your creative expression like your photography, artwork, music, or writing on a daily level?

As always, thanks for reading!

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Look like a great bonsai tree


It's a dead juniper tree down in Southern Utah. I'm not sure what a Bonsai tree is. I'll have to google it!


They are just mini Junipers :)

I love bare trees and how they look like wizened hands reaching up to the sky. I think I like the second one, it has an eerie feel to it.


Me too. I love the uniqueness and the sharp contrast they have with everything that surrounds them!

Yeah, my moods do affect my edits quite a bit... but so does the weather. If I shot something in bright sunshine and it's a gray day outside... I'm likely to "tone down" the heat/sun highlights a bit. Sometimes I also brighten shots from gray days, when it's sunny outside...


Ohh, I never even thought about the weather influencing how I edit photos. Now I will have to pay attention to see if it does the same. That's interesting. I usually tend to enjoy storms and rainy days, but in Utah we don't receive a whole lot of rain.

When looked at edit 2 it instantly reminded me about the movie "300' because of the colors and expression.
Great pictures. 👍

And when it comes to the mood, I have that with music. Also can change my mood listening to different music or just enjoy the silence.


Thank you. I would have never connected it to 300 but now that you mention it, it does have a similar feel.. music definitely affects my moods. It's so nice when Pandora picks songs to match how I feel! Sometimes white noise, like running water is soo relaxing too.

I love the first picture...the colors are sharper and more lively :)


Thank you!