Experimenting With Light Photography

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Dear Steemians,

So I have been trying different stuff with my new camera and would be sharing with you guys as time goes on. Here I tried my hand at light photography for the first time and I have to say it's really fascinating some of the things you can do with a camera by playing with the exposure.





I shot these by increasing my shutter speed to about 15 seconds in a dark room while keeping my camera on a flat surface for stability. I then used my cellphone light to draw movements around objects I had with me at the time in front of the lens which resulted in the streaks of light you see. You can try it out while adjusting your aperture and iso as you see fit.

As you can see I'm not there yet but I'm getting the hang of it.


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now i am now photographer, but you sure have a gift @lordmok. i'll share this post with my photographer friend.

Thank you so much

wow~nice try!

Those are some really cool pics! I have seen people do pics like these with sparklers and other lights and they always look so cool. :) Thanks for sharing how you did it. I only take pics with my phone camera. :D Ha! #theunmentionables

And you use that phone camera very well if you ask me. Thanks for stopping by

Thanks so much! :) I have been trying out different stuff lately with the focus. The only other camera we have is a point and click. ;)

Wow this is really cool. I love the shot with the water bottle, almost makes it look like something has been racing around it.

If you look closely you just might see tiny UFOs floating around

Too spooky.

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