Unknown Tuscany - Verruca's Fortress - Original Colorful Photos Series - Italy 2017 - Part 1

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The Verruca's Fortress was buit over a single stone block in 13th century by Pisa's Republic to protect the territory, and it was the main of a fortification series that existed around place in the historic battles between Florence and Pisa until 1509. The Fortress there is only way to entrance (eastern side), and to comunication with others towers around the town, when the enemy trops approched, they used artillery shells, sheets, bands, smoke and fire.
To be continued...

Fortress Botton View

Main Entrance

Plaza's Arms

Eastern Corner Plaza's Arms

Eastern Side Top View

Eastern Side Plaza's Arms

Remains Of The Church

Source: Wikipedia

Device: Nikon D3200
Editing: Nikon View NX2

Note - Pictures are under the Creative Commons license
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Thanks! @lordemau (;

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Mi garba. Votata.


Grazie Mille! Anche a me! (;

A cinquentinha é boa (50 mm), mas uma 200 mm é mto melhor não é @lordemau? Uma paisagem dessa de repente o cara querendo chegar mais perto, não dá. É de fazer chorar :D


A 50mm f 1.8 é boa pra lugares com pouca luz e perto, mas também da pra fazer boas paisagens. A 200mm é boa pra aproximar o "assunto", mas na minha opniao, uma grande angular seria o ideal pra fazer paisagens deste tipo, so que custa um rim... rsrs. Valeu pelos comentarios my brother! (;

This place looks amazing! I'm definitely adding it to my travel wishlist.


Thanks so much for your comments! Yes, this place is amazing to visit. There is a wonderful energy and nature! You'll not regret! (;

Thank you for posting @lordemau. Are we amazed....indeed we are. Appreciate you bringing these lovely photographs to Steemit for our enjoyment.
All the best. Cheers.


Thank you very much for your kind words! I always do with dedication , for me, for you and all the persons who enjoy the life. It's a pleasure for me!. All the best for us...cheers my friend!



You are welcome:)