Unknown Tuscany - Back To The Medieval Age - Original Colorful Photoshoot - Italy 2017 - Part 1

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Vicopisano is part the Country Council of Pisa, and it's away about 18 Km of Pisa's town. Situated between Monte Pisano's hills and two important confluents water coursers: The Arno river, which allowed the connection with Pisa and the sea; The Auser river which done the Lucca's town communication in 13th century to many merchants of the age.

Vicopisano's Town

The Brunelleschi's Fortress or La Rocca del Brunelleschi was built by Filippo Brunelleschi (who was the same person that designed the Florence's Duomo), in the period of the early diffusion of medieval guns. There are remarkable walls height and rich in defensive apparatus to avoid the enemy attacks.
At the top of the tower (45 meters high) there are peculiar holes called "* Caditoie *" where the soldiers threw stones that rolled over the sloping wall to the base tower.

La Rocca del Brunelleschi and Pisa's Flag- 13th Century

Vicopisano there are 9 medieval towers that still are present in historical center dated back from 11th to the 15th century for the a strategic and military defense of the castle. There're palaces and house-towers built in 12th and 13th centuries that do of Vicopisano a travel back to the Middle Age to the visitors.

Torre dell'Orologio - 12th Century

There is also a massive wall called "Muraglione" long 70m, and join the formwork stands with the " Torri del Soccorso" (Salvations Tower) at the Vicopisano's main entrance to keep the control and preventing of its residents who rebelled against the Florence's domain.

Top Left "Il Muraglione" and Right " Torre del Soccorso"

The "Tower-Houses" were massive and conpact belonging to the first period (11th and first half 12th century) with balconies and few openings for offensive and defensives purposes. They were built with bricks and stones and had larger dimensions featured by pillars.

Torre del Soccorso- 15th Century

To be continued...

Comune di Vicopisano

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Nice pictures, thanks for the information and the history of this little area too. The architecture was pretty impressive considering the era everything was built in!

All for one and one for all! Namaste :)


Thanks so much Eric! In Tuscany there are many little towns like this, and few person knows (like me), but I'm working for this! Stay tuned and thanks again! (;

Wow, these pictures are beautiful!


Thanks so much Tatiana! I'm glad that you enjoyed the pics! (;