Show of David Bowie - Image and Sound Museum (MIS) - Brazil - São Paulo 2014 - Original Photos

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When I go to my hometown (São Paulo) in Brazil I usually visit the center of the city which is about 30km far from my mother's house. So it happened that one day I was lucky. There was the David Bowie's show at MIS (my favorite place for reading, watch movies , shows, etc.), but unfortunately my camera was very low-battery, and I couldn't to take many photos of the show. On the one hand it was good, because I dealt with the shows and left aside the photos. In my opinion most of the time when we are very focused on one thing, we fail to appreciate the others that are around us. Nowadays when I decide to go to a concert, show, travel, etc. I put two alternatives for myself : shoting photos or enjoying the moment, but is of course, some photos for remembrance are always welcome! (;

Cover Album "Diamond Dogs" 1974

Show Entrance

Davide Bowie "In The Mirror"- Photo by Mick Rock used on the double LP "Nothing has Changed" 2014

Ozzy, Madonna, Lou Reed and Peter Gabriel"- Photos by Mick Rock

David Bowie, Iggy Pop and Lou Reed - Photo by Mick Rock - London Hotel 1972

London Hotel Simulation

Jumpsuit "The Ziggy Stardust" by Freddie Burretti 1972

White Satin Kimono by Kansai Yamamoto 1973

Bodysuit "Tokyo Pop" by Kansai Yamamoto 1973

Device: Nikon D3200

Note - Pictures are under the Creative Commons license Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International

All photos in my website are always under the same CC license.

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Excellent documentation, my friend!
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Thanks so much my brother @mielediborgo! (;