On the Doors - Black and White Photos - Italy - Original Photography - Part 1

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I took these photos in an old abandoned monastery that was founded in 1263 by Hugh of Fagiano, better known as "Convento di Sant'Agostino Nicosia" in the small town of Calci - Pisa (Italy). If you want to know more about Nicosia, just access this link. (Only in Italian, sorry).

The Key

Only Passengers



Black Door


Leave Left

Device: Nikon D3200
Basic Editing: Nikon View Nx2

Note - Pictures are under the Creative Commons license Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International
All photos in my website are always under the same CC license, it means you can use them.
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Wow man! These photos are so powerful. I wish I could do what you do:) Your use of light and shadow to tells a story in each shot.


Thank you man! In each of the photo I used only brightness, contrast and shadow, nothing more. Sometimes I use more contrast and less brigtheness, and then I adjust with the shadow (basic), other times more brightness and less contrast when I'm editing. I do not have a fixed rule, it depends a lot on the light of the place, because i don't use artificial light. In my opinion, the most important thing is the moment when I'm taking the photos, because that's where I control the input and output light on my camera, so much so that I shot several times before arriving at the final result. (;


Well it is masterful however you do it. The fact that you use actual light makes it even more impressive!


Thanks another time. I think that the process to take the photos must coming naturaly. I never think how to do the pics and the what the next place that i'll go to protography. I only take my camera and let's go! (;

These are great photos. I love old buildings. Your monochrome work is really good. Thank you


Thanks very much! I'm so very happy that you liked the photos. I love too the old buildings and monochrome photos! (;

Love the way you used light and shadow. Great photos.


Thank you so much! I love too this way! (;

Thank you for posting @lordemau. These are very nice.
Black and white are classic. Your work is welcome at Steemit.


Thank you too @bleujay! I like very much B&W photos! (;

Wow, real creepy places.


Yes, they are! Thanks!(;

Looks Scary!! :O


It's true, but the place is very peaceful! (;

Nice photos!


Thank you very much @ocrdu ! (;

The black and white works really well here, great photos!