First Dog model photoset for Steemit - Let me introduce Blu

in photography •  2 years ago

Hi, this is my first photoset as a dog sitter for a little pet named “Blu”.

When i left my regular job, i promised myself to live following only my passions, and i recently discover that taking photos of animals was one of them!

This expierence was awesome, and i never thought that a dog may be the model for a photoshoot.

But when i started to shot, she began to pose for me as a human model (also for people, I never ask to pose for my shots, I like catching spontaneus moments and expressions).

Easy Blu

Blu cheking around...

Pay Attention Blu!

I'm so very angry!

Is it a little cat over there?

Blu is a good girl..or not???

I know...was a little cat!

Yes, I'm a good girl!!! Come on, let's go to play!!!

Great Blu.

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Device: Nikon D3200

Lens: VR 18-55 mm f/3.5-5 5.6G

Focal lenght: 32mm

Focus mode: manual

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Such a cute fellow! Beautiful shots.


thanks! she is amazing! :)

Great shots! And uber cute puppy! :)


Thanks...she is very sweet! :)

Nice photo and a good doggy-model!


Thanks! Is true... she is a great model!