Angels Sculpture - Monumental Cemetery of Staglieno (Genoa - Italy) - Black & White Original Photos - Part 2

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When I got to Staglieno was amazing to see many sculptures of angels together in the same place. I walked about six hours around the cemetery as a child, and I did not stop for even a second to take a breath. I kept walking, my body was filling with energy and adrenaline to continue, but at the same time I was calm, I was thinking about life, death, and as I spoke with them (the angels) I gave them a name, because I like to know the name of who I'm talking to I am not a Christian, and I have no religion, but I believe there are other things out there. I already visited many other cemeteries, but I had never seen one like this.











Device: Nikon D3200
Lens: VR 18-55 mm f/3.5-5 5.6G
Focus mode: manual
Editing: Nikon View Nx2
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Classic but creepy if you put them in your big house.


@darthnava Is true, but I love them and I will not have a problem in my"big" house! (;

Excellent work, resteemed!


Thank so much @andrew0! (;

Belle davvero.
A fine mese torno a Genova dopo dieci anni! ...mia mamma è di Genova. E mi dice sempre di quanto è bello Staglieno... Grazie!


Wow...dieci anni senza vedere la mamma, o stai tornando per restare? Devi andare si!!! Io che abitavo in Brasile non vedovo l'ora di adarci li. Il cimitero è fantastico e molto grande, tanto è che non'ho visto tutto quello che volevo, e fai conto che sono stato li per sei ore. Ritornerò sicuramente! (;


No, mamma é a Roma... E noi figli siamo tutti a Roma! Lei (e i miei fratelli) ogni tanto vanno a Genova per trovare i parenti. Sono io che non vado mai...
Alla prossima. Continuo a seguirti...

Wow these are amazing:) Maybe you could add the Steemit4free tag it's pretty similar to the CC tag you use?


Thank you for your comment and device. I'll try (;

First animated gif spooked me, didn't expect it to move. Great black and white photos though.