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And they travelling carbon-free... that's awesome!


Yes isn't it amazing!

I like the ducks!

Very nice duck family.🐥🐥🐥🐥.. Awesome photography. My friend lokiyngling...thank💕

Are these ducks? And the ducks will soon fly away to warm lands?


Most of them will fly to their winter home, yes.

@lokiyngling hello my best friend how are you. very wonderful photography my best friend. I like it your great full post. thanks for sharing your great post.


Thank you fo r visiting​ my blog.


You are most welcome my best friend

Wow so beautiful place and very nice view....your photography is also funtastic..😊


Most welcome my friend 😊

I think this family going to play with fish 🎏


You might be right.

Excellent place photoshoot..nice bird 🐦📷

so adorable! Cute ducks!
Wonderful and very very cute shot!

Cute duck family going on the trip.... hehehe... :)


Beautiful birds looks like ducs!

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