The New Appearance of the Qingchun Gate Ancient City Wall - See more

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The newly renovated Qingchun Gate ancient city wall has been unveiled, and its brilliant posture is reflected on the sand river, which is quite beautiful.


The city wall is a mark of growth that belongs to the people in Hangzhou. The new appearance of the ancient Qingchun Gate not only has expanded the original lighting system, but also has added an antique LED screen to the wall. With the new appearance of the Qingchun Gate ancient city wall, the “Opening Ceremony of the Ancient City Wall Culture Festival” sponsored by Chaoming Street in Xiacheng District has been officially launched. Standing on the gate of the ancient city wall, you can see the quintessence of Chinese culture——the martial arts performance of "loyalty to the country" and tour the royal towers of the Southern Song Dynasty. You can feel the breeze blowing from the sand-shaking river. It seems that you can also hear the reverberations of the 800-year-old history.


Along with the ancient city wall, there is an ancient city wall exhibition hall on the northern side of the city tower. The ancient wall exhibition hall was built at the end of 2006 at the ancient Qingchun Gate site. In 2008, it was officially open to the public for free. Today, the ancient city wall exhibition hall has been renovated and renewed. The archaeological site of the Wall of the Southern Song Dynasty, the woodcarving murals of the ancient city gate and the cultural relic exhibition platform are all on perfect display.


In addition to the ancient city wall exhibition hall, in the southern part of the exhibition hall of Qingchun Gate ancient city building, the first meteorite museum in Hangzhou has also been officially opened for free. Meteorite, also known as "comet", is called the "gift from the stars" or "flying rock outside the sky". It is a cosmic meteor or dust that has been separated from the original orbit of the earth and has scattered rapidly on the unburned stone, iron or stone-iron mixture on the surface of the earth or other planets. There are dozens of meteorites on display in the museum, including stone meteorites and iron meteorites. Among them, there are ten meteorites with more than 100 kilograms and a total weight of more than 10 tons. One of the largest stone meteorite exhibits weighs1.4 tons.


In the future, the meteorite museum will also carry out various kinds of public cultural exchange activities to popularize relevant science knowledge. It will be open to the public as the second class of Hangzhou Youth and Hangzhou tourist attractions. In addition, Qingchun Gate Square will also serve as a showcase for the “Culture Xiacheng District” Highlands and Chaoming Street and will regularly organize martial arts poetry and other square activities to enrich the people’s spiritual and cultural life.




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