Little cutie - Nimasha Siriwardene #3

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Hello Steemians. This is the second post for today and it is an extension for our Little cutie "Nimasa Siriwardene"; the crush of the year. If you take a look at my blog you will find an introduction about her and more beautiful photos of her. I will post the links below as well.

The photos for today's post were taken last year at her 22nd birthday celebration. What do you think about this little cutie. Isn't she becoming prettier everyday?

First take a look at my previous posts about her.
Little cutie - Nimasha Siriwardene #1
Little cutie - Nimasha Siriwardene #2

Model - Nimasha Siriwardene
**Photo credits goes to the original photographers.** 

Do you want to see more of her?
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