Hot and Sexy Teena - Teena Shanell Fernando #1

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Hello Steemians. After one day's break I am going to introduce you one of the hottest models in Sri Lanka. Her name is "Teena Shanell Fernando". She has made her name as a revolutionary model in the Sri Lankan modeling industry because she has not been afraid to expose more of her body. She has represented Sri Lanka in many National and International beauty pageants and she has won multiple awards for her beauty. 

Nowadays she has become a vital asset for Sri Lankan Music Video Industry and she is very famous for her hot and sexy acting in these videos. She is taking full advantage of her unique hotness and making her name an unforgettable one in Sri Lankan Modeling Industry.

Now lets take a look at her and share your thoughts.

Model - Teena Shanell Fernando
**Photo credits goes to original photographers.**

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@lkmodels got you a $0.63 @minnowbooster upgoat, nice! (Image:

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