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The Public Bookshelf

in photography •  6 months ago


This public bookshelf in the city of Überlingen is pretty well known by all the locals and was definitely worth a shot.
It‘s located at the entrance to the spa gardens directly at the promenade next to the Lake Constance.

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I love the editing you did with this shot! Also a cool concept. Is it like a book exchange sort of situation?


Thanks, Sarah :) Yes, it's indeed some kind of exchange. You're free to take books and bring some at any time. But I guess the local library also replaces and adds some books from time to time. I haven't used it by myself yet. But it's always interesting to look at.


I always love the idea of book exchanges. Mainly because what better to do with a book once you’be read it than pass it on for someone else to enjoy! And definitely cool to look at!


You are right. I thought about donating some of my old books which I probably won‘t read anymore to the local library :)

Ja mei... etz hab i schaua müssa woa des Überlinga überhaupts is... mocht er a Bücherregal! Und des is schö bunt! Etz könnt ich ihm G‘schichten verzoilen, warum a bunt’s Bücherregal im Leb‘n a guata Sach is... aber i gloab, des woiß er selba! Servus!^^


Sorry, but I only speak German and English, no Bavarian^^

Wow. That’s such a cool thing. Books are life. As objects they bring me so much joy.