Follow the lights to the other side of the shore...

in photography •  9 months ago


This one is from the inside of the St. Pauli-Elbtunnel on my way to the harbor of Hamburg.
I put a little bit of color grading on top of this photo to make the scene look just a little bit more dramatic. I guess I’m still very cautious with the editing of my photos because I want them to look natural 😐

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The tunnel looks nice and the light inside the St. Pauli-Elbtunnel makes the tunnel to be accessible and comfortable for movement, your photograph looks sharp and nice. The sharpness of the photo make the photo high quality @liveyourdream

tunnels like this always make me rhink about action movies where everyone get stuck inaide the tunnel and need to find a way out. eheheh cool photo.


Haha, I’m happy this did not happen to us! If there are any directors out here, this might be an interesting movie idea ;D


Eheheh too late. There is already one. Lol in the Manhattan tunnel. Lol i love that movie. I cant recall the name now. But it is super cool. Let me try to find out for you. Google here i go. Here it is

Back when Stalone was a thing lolol

I think this might be the only movie with him that i really like.

Any reason you decided to flag my post?


Yep, I'm randomly flagging trending posts from time to time which received a massive percentage of upvotes from bots using a tool mentioned in this post.