Experiments With Manual Mode In My Camera

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I have always been afraid using my camera in manual mode as I thought it would be too complicated. But it turned out that it actually isn't. As long as you understand the meaning of the different settings and how they work together hand in hand.
I watched a great video tutorial series on YouTube earlier this day. Then I grabbed my Canon G7 X Mark II and used it for the first time for taking some photos. Here are some of my favorite shots...

Camera: Canon G7 X Mark II
Location: Überlingen, Germany

© 2018 Matthew | @liveyourdream


I like the center line of the first image, it really draws in your attention. I've actually been spending a lot of time recently watching videos on how to improve my photography. It's always been something I have loved to do but I just took amateur photos on my iphone. Now I have a better camera to play around with and it has opened up a whole new world of exploration.
I hope you've been doing well Matthew. 💗

Thank you for your positive feedback, Sarah. The first one is definitely my favorite one :) Yeah, I’ve always been someone who just took random photos with my iPhone as well. But I wanted to learn more about it as my camera also has a full manual mode. Of course it’s not a DSLR but I guess it should do the same job when it comes to learning how to adjust aperture, ISO and shutter time. And I hope I can learn something from that for my videos as well.

Look forward to seeing some awesome photos! I am also hoping with time that I can translate what I learn with photography into my videos. 😊

Well done 👍🏿
Manual settings are the ultimate in creativity. You get to decide exactly what you want. Well done for giving it a go. The results are great too 👏🏿

Thank you, Adé :)

Nice experiments. Keep them coming. Photography is so vast. There are no limits 😉

Thanks, Sergio. Yeah, I enjoyed it playing around with the camera. I hope this will help me become a better videographer as well.

It will help for sure. It is all about practise and keep trying when but you are doing a great job already 😉

Do you have a link to this tutorial? I try to understand these things, but it‘s still like someone talking Chinese to me. My husband tried a several times... it‘s always if my mind was working in a way that makes it impossible to understand it. XD

Sure. You can find it here (German video). It's the first video of a series of 11 videos I guess. He explains it very slowly and I recommend you try out these things after every video before you continue with the next one ;)

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