Photo Of The Beauty Of The Delayed Sky


(Where the earth is stepped on, that is where the heavens are upheld)

The old adage is certainly very familiar to all of us. This saying can be interpreted in many positive meanings related to culture, when someone is in a certain place or region, then it is appropriate for someone to behave, behave and respect local culture with their habits.

Because the colors shown by the sky are not always the same every day. blue and white, the other colors will look very amazing when the sun rises and the sun sets. at sunset usually will find where the sky will turn orange and pink, and purple.

and behind its beauty, a stored phenomenon that makes the sky more beautiful and awesome for anyone.

However, I cannot show anything beautiful here. no sunrise, and no sunset in my current photography post. only a few photos of the sky and nature around it that I can take with my cellphone camera. I think the blue sky with some white cloud movements is also an interesting phenomenon from the sky. I hope not only that I enjoy this beautiful phenomenon. Friends of Steemians are also entitled to it.




CategorySky Photography
Settings4-3mm, ISO Auto
CameraSmartphone Xiaomi 4x
Date photo taken2019.10.27

Thank you, hopefully this imagination can provide impetus for motivation.
Greetings Creative,

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