Red rains desert

in photography •  9 months ago

The wind lifts huge masses of sand into the air and drives them through the desert, during the rain the drops mix in sand, turn red and immediately cover all with the red spots.

Water flows from the sky, but after 10 minutes everything stops. Only the uppermost layer of sand gets wet and there are fanciful marks on it from cars and shoes, which dries very quickly.

The desert becomes red

Here there is silence, there is no cellular net and electricity, only red sand because a lot of iron oxides, bushes and occasional trees.

Since 2011, the Jordan desert Wadi Rum has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. But local Bedouins live there about the same way as they lived centuries ago, grow camels and goats and adapt to modern realities by driving tourists in the desert on killed 30-year-old SUVs


All photos made by me :)
I'm photographer and Fujifilm ambassador from Russia. Subscribe is you like my images.

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Amazing photos!

They are some really cool pictures I like the one where it looks like your vehicle is out running the sand storm!


yes it was short and very fun ride in the back of a pickup truck through a sandstorm :)
and the tradional jordan arafat shawl helps


yeah i bet the dradional jordan arafat shawl would protect you pretty well in those situations!


yes it wery nice and warmy. And help from cold to :)


yeah we would usually wear them while we snowboard on some days actually!!

Incredible colors. Great photography!!

This is beautiful

Phenomenal photos.. it must have been amazing to be there!

waw ... puts a blend of sand and dust so that it can cause the eyes to look glassy


yes. this is very unussual!

Nice post you @liseykina

This are absolutely stunning... the reds really jump out... beautiful composition.

These photos are a gem, that ride across the desert must've been fun (^_^)

Looks like some stuff from Mad Max, excellent photo taking!


yes. And the few episodes of the "Star Wars" was shoted here %)

Wadi Rum is truly a unique place. Scenes from the movie the Red Planet were shot here as if it was Mars. Lawrence of Arabia roamed here with his band of Beduins in the early 20th century, the Nabatteans passed here with the desert caravns they were driving around year 0, and it is still today one of the most beatiful, spiritual places on earth. Dont miss it.

So goood :o ¡Nice shots!

Beautiful photography. I'd love to see a huge sandstorm, but wouldn't want to be in one!

What do you do as a Fujifilm ambassador? I'd love to try an x-pro2, but stuck in the Canon world for now.

Wow. These are beautiful photos.
I would love to visit this beautiful Jordan desert.

This post is amazing.