Handmade painting with pencil.

in photography •  4 months ago


One of the paintings of my friend @archicil71 that just subscribed to steemit... More to come next week from his account when he gets activated....

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Very nice painting !!! Welcome to steemit @archicil71 !!! I am sure you gona love it....!!!

I made this for my Class on a canvas art thanks for this amazing post and I hope you always make things as amazing as this art. I hope everyone see this drawing this or reading this comment has a great day today and I hope that everyone, wherever you are what your are doing will enjoy this post because it is so amazing. Another reason I commented this is because I just wanted to tell you how great your art is. have a great day everyone! :D

That's cool sir @liondani, looking forward to seeing more artwork from him.

Outstanding painting by my dear @liondani sir

That’s great to bring in your fiends to this platform. That reminds me to talk to my friend about steemit platform I met few weeks ago and who is a very talented painter as well.
I wish good luck 🍀 to @archicil71 and I can’t wait for him to share with us his talent.

Great work.

this is beautiful art,

I have a my dotted pen drawing also,

2 arts together, a drawing, a photograph, excellent indeed for this type of things I still on the platform shows the excellence greeting and my respect my support with my humble vote.

Είναι καταπληκτικό!!! Καλώς να τον δεχτούμε τον νεο μέλος!!!

This has helped me learn to draw faces so much better. Iv always thought i was crap at drawing but I realise I was not ever taught very well. I missed a lot of school due to being Ill so probably missed out on the basics. Then I was expected to know automatically how to draw. That's also a good photography.


Hey u r using Pencil......??? it's hand made Drawings It's really Amazing....... I thought u will use Photoshop Software or else .....But u...... By the Way I use Adobe Products to design my Ideas and born them into reality.......Graphics Designs ok i need Your Designs to fill realistic colours in them and made it completely real. Even No one can Guess it's real or Hand made. Hope You will Cooperate.....

This really ins't teaching us anything... It's just you drawing it, and then posting it online. There's really no meaning to call it "How to draw it", as it is not a how to draw. It's just a simple speed drawing, or a simple drawing. Please stay with painting you are really creative person.

Very awesome shading, definitely adds great depth !

This painting is mind blowing

With a pencil, he is super talented. It looks so neat and appealing to the eyes

Wow really wonderful piece of sketch @liondani😊
You are very creative i must say... i love sketching... sometimes i try to sketch anime characters... if you are interested can see in my blog.🙂

To that painting I actually dream of uploading my works of art and reading your opinions


awesome painting, just mind blowing.
thanks for share this dear @liondani

very nice artwork, he is a good artist @liondani. and hoping his account will be activated soon.


Great photography @liondani sir
Thanks for share..

Intriguing artistry and perhaps a statement of city life. Thanks so much for sharing @liondani

Simple but very impressive artwork, inspiration from the top of a building for the artist, ive guess! Keep steemin im sure you have a slack here @archicil71.

Wonderful art

beautiful painting , very talented 👏👏👏👍👍

Great work! I really hope more talented artists come to Steemit and there is even more quality content. I presented yesterday the blockchain along with Steepshot, DTube and DMania to a bunch of Bulgarian photographers, hopefully some of them will join in... 😉📷👍

Nice one😍 I love sketching too! here is the last one i made :)

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inch by inch, play by play, to the finish ;)