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It doesn’t happen often that we have time to relax during the day. But when there is a birthday party of a friend of the kids, and know that the parents of that friend are willingly take care of all the kids coming to the party, it is quite hard to say No 😂

So we had a couple of hours for just the two of us. We heard of a chocolate shop where you can enjoy a delicious glass of chocolate milk.


It was just 10-15 minutes driving from the party place. So we are headed to this chocolate shop. The weather was nice, neighbourhood was quite and peaceful.



Although the weather was nice, we didn’t see anyone sitting outside. It’s still winter of course. It just doesn’t feel that cold. Only if there is some wind, it feels a bit more like autumn. Let’s enter the place...


After entering we were directly surprised with all the delicious chocolates and cakes they were selling.


They had very mixed combinations of cakes served with delicious chocolate. But, we just came to drink their famous chocolate milk. And we were not really hungry so we just ordered two glasses of chocolate milk. 1 with pure (bitter) chocolate, 1 with milk chocolate, both served with whipped cream.


We were lucky that there was no customers when we arrived, so we chose the best place to sit, in front of the fireplace.


They designed the place quite classic with lots of wooden objects and ancient decorative stuff.




The drinks were very delicious. We couldn’t agree more with people telling us it was one of the best chocolate milk they drank.

While we were enjoying our drinks, we saw lots of people coming to buy chocolates. Apparently they are very popular among people. Inside this room the orders were getting prepared.



“Whatever the problem: Chocolate is the answer”. Well, this statement is a bit overdone 😂 wish everything was that simple...


Of course we couldn’t leave this place without buying something. One of our neighbours will give birth this week, so we bought this sweet little gift for her containing a little box filled with a chocolate mix.


It was fun and we enjoyed :) Have fun folks!


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