Lily DaVine's Central Market Shopping Spree, Part 1: Shops and Shirts

in photography •  2 years ago  (edited)

Yesterday was a bit of a fun day for me, as I went on a much needed shopping spree at the central market.  Having watched me eye things for a year with no money, John finally took me and let me splurge on whatever I wanted, within a loose budget. This is the first of the posts from those adventures.

Before I continue, I must give a disclaimer.  ALL PRICES ARE IN PESOS. Not Dollars.

I got this top.

I was on the hunt for one nice pair of shoes to wear out, as I'm limited to cheap flip flops and tennis shoes.

I eventually bought these from a different vendor for a cheaper price. Prices will vary for the same items for both gringos and Mexicans, so just look around!

Many cheaper vendors are like this, just piles of clothes for those with the time to sift through them.

So there you have it for this one, stay tuned for more picture posts, as well as what we got and some shots of me modeling the things I got yesterday. 

Thanks for following and supporting us, until next time! 

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Great post. I wanna come shop with you!