Adventures Around Acapulco, Part 9: Birds and the Market

in photography •  3 years ago 

We've been making lots of market trips lately, especially as we've been expanding the farm to include ducks, chickens and quales.  This post is pretty bird centric, as birds have now become and imporant part of my life.

Specialty pigeons

Typical Market Stand

We purchased the crock for the purpose of making saurkraut and the pizza stone for our wood burning oven.

Fish drying in the sun.

This bird is still for sale and still has my heart.

A funny shirt we found on the way out. 

So there you have it, yet another trip to the mammoth section of city that is the market. As we go there more and more we can understand the method to the madness, as there actually is a sort of organization to it.  

Thanks for looking, stay tuned!

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They're selling those pots for $85 USD or pesos?

Any prices you see listed from markets is pesos, that was the sign sharing the cost.

Love the pictures and you always have my votes!