Adventures around Acapulco, Part 7: More Common Examples of Mexican Architecture

in photography •  3 years ago 

I've wanted to share the city with the internet since moving here and I've finally gotten a chance to do so with this new camera.  My only complaint is that I now have TOO many photos to post, as I've been capturing just about everything I find interesting.

So here goes the next in Adventures Around Acapulco, enjoy!

There you have it for now. 

Stay tuned for the upcoming posts about rabbits, ducks and chickens as we've expanded our farm and started our adventure.  Thanks for viewing and supporting us, until next time. 

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Really cool collection of images @lily-da-vine!!! Those hallways in the 1st and 3rd images look a little scary 😟 Up-voted, followed, and re-steemed.

It's just dark, it's not that scary n person

I was very disappointed to discover that a ferreteria does not, in fact, stock ferrets.
Very disappointed.

I know where to find em!

If I ever actually wanted a ferret you're the first person I'd ask.

:D I know where you can get a hedgehog, those are cuter. :D

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