Adventures Around Acapulco, Part 11: Pie de la Cuesta

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For lack of a better way of putting it, the last several days have been both crazy and shitty.  The worst part is it started out awesome.  Considering this is due to an event that didn't directly occur to me, I'm not going to share that tale unless I'm asked to or they do first out of respect for them.  While I understand I've probably sparked your interest, I share what I do only to explain why I stopped posting for a few days.    These photos are taken from earlier in the day before things went bad, when we took a spare of the moment, nice trip out to Pie de la Cuesta. This is out of Acapulco in a beautiful place I wouldn't mind living one day.

Taken from a beach in pie de la cuesta of Acapulco from afar, see it's not ALWAYS sunny there!

Pie de la Cuesta was a sandy little strip of land between two bodies of water with a road going down the middle.  There were huge lots that sometimes went all the way to the beach on either side, which were really appealing.  We drove up to the beach which is where all of the beach photos were taken.  

Thanks for reading, looking and supporting us.  Until next time!

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Good post, amazing photos!
This words for good day and your mood
And I want to give you a poem good word!

Kindness need all people,
Let more more will good.
No wonder they say before meetings:
"Good day" and "Good evening."
And not in vain because we have
Wishes "in good time".
Kindness - she of the century
Decoration person ...

Wow Acapulco is really something! Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos with us! :)

great shots of the beach, cliff area looks like a nice secluded spot

The beach was more secluded than the cliff, which was just a pulloff on the side of the road!