A Drive Around Acapulco, Part 1: Chica's Strip Club and Other Common Sights

in photography •  3 years ago 

I've had the urge to post photos of my city since I moved here and I've finally started.  This post is just photos taken on a drive through town, headed to the central market where we bought our first chicks, ducks and bunnies for our farm.  

This building has been in construction for the whole time we've been here, and it's finally almost finished.

Part of the sign of the famous Villa Vera Resort.

This is a place I would love to own, the big hotel in the distance on the hill called the Panoramic. I think it's owned by Carlos Slim.

I actually have a lot of respect for Chica's, a local strip club. I've never been there, but I've been invited.

This is dry for a couple months of the year

A common sight for me, but not for you.  Just a local grocery chain here.

Thanks for looking and stay tuned for more photo rich posts. Im finding that my camera does a good job at showing and telling the real life stories as I can't, visually.  I'll still write, but many of my stories will be shared in the form of photo because it is both fast and efficient.  Thanks again, until next time!

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I have never been to Acapulco, but I know that their beaches and their women are very nice: D

We just passed that grocery store! (Not such a fun trip on foot).
I predict the post with pictures of the chicks, ducks and bunnies will be the most profitable all week - I've seen how the internet works.

I'm hoping you're right :D I've walked that walk myself, it s a right of passage :P

Isn't walking anywhere from your place a rite of passage? Especially if you have to walk back. I've given up hills for Lent.

AHAHAH. good idea, get a scooter!

Def One of best vacation destinations. Thank you for the pics.

What is it about Chica's that has inspired your respect? btw I'm genuinely curious and the topic reminds me of a recent ThatGuyT video - Projecting Empathy Is a Bad Habit.