Post-trip photo sharing (IX)! [Colourful Lake, Dieng]

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Right after going to the volcano crater, we went to this colourful lake nearby (with the awkward smell with us...but I don't think others care?). Sitting among the mountains, mysteriously, quietly...


Isn't the most beautiful shot possible on the site (partly because of the clouds, I'm almost sure that it will look 2x better without the shade), but we still managed to see the colour differences on the lake :) According to this site, this is caused by a natural phenomenon as the sulphur content in the lake's water is high (remember the crater?). The site says that it is possible to see the lake in green, yellow, purple or even with the colours of a rainbow, but it looks like our luck is not that amazing that day :P

Some views around. It's a mountain area, so much greenery!



The rocky path they made that lead us up the hill to look at the lake from a higher spot (as in the first photo of this post). Yep, more presentable, my mum didn't complain this time... :P


Random shot of a cobweb among the mossed rocks...


And remember the fruit I showed a few posts back? Here's the tree - it indeed looks very similar to a papaya tree, but much taller (and grows on mountains like these). Comparing to the papaya trees we normally see here, the leaves seem to be less flat and thicker. The fruit's shape is different as well, for me their shape looks like peaches/starfruits (uh, not really, but that's the closest I can go...?) but with papaya skin :P


According to a friend, the fruit I last ate was unripe and was pickled, so the taste differs from what the real ripe fruit tastes like. Too bad I didn't get the chance to taste one...would really wonder how the taste feels like, lol. Maybe it's just like the papaya...

Overall speaking it's a nice place worth going, especially for the lake! And if you happen to visit the place some day, pray for good weather so that the lake can show something different for you...hehe. It's really luck-based here, but that's part of the beauty of nature, nothing is absolute!

Wrapping this up, see you next time :)


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Mountains are about the most beautiful things in nature, and I really enjoyed looking at the pictures. Thanks for sharing!

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I don't think mountains are beautiful by themselves, but nature knows how to pair them up with other beautiful things to make them extra beautiful!

Thanks for stopping by!

It still looks very beautiful to me :) And sulphur does smell pretty bad LOL

Did you find out the name of the fruit?

Yeah, I have heavily underestimated the power of sulphur... that's what I got for not being active in the camping activities since secondary school haha.

The locals called it "carica", but then it's the family name of the papayas...I guess that they have a more specific name, but no clue!

That first shot across the lake is pretty awesome man! Even the clouds add a special colour and vibe to it, mysterious almost and you can still make out the colours even on a darker day! Love it!

Thanks! Nature really knows how to make things look good in any situation, and I guess I got lucky with this shot as the clouds were at the right situation? :P

Looks like it was a nice hiking trip @lilacse,

Beautiful photographs, Thank you for sharing the experience with us :)

Technically speaking it's not a real hiking trip (a big part of "climbing" was done by the car, we just had to walk up in a designated trail which isn't too long but still quite daunting to my mum), but I think you can call it one :)

Thanks for stopping by and enjoying the post!

What a gorgeous view. I'm sure the hike up there was tiring. Hey I really thought that was a papaya as the fruits bunch up the same like the papaya, interesting fruit

Hike is tiring for those that didn't exercise much... (ahem, yes, that's me...) otherwise it's just a short happy trip up the hill for the view! And it looks really similar to papayas, we all thought that they are papayas until the driver reminded us, haha.

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