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Some sunset pictures taken at Cape Disappointment State Park near the area where the Colombia river empties into the the Pacific ocean.

Looking out at the Pacific Ocean – click for viewing full screen

The view down the beach towards the lighthouse. The clouds almost look like a dragon blowing pretty colored clouds towards the sunset:

The lighthouse at sunset – click for viewing full screen

The orange sun is just setting above the ocean. The waves here are much bigger than the ones that I am used to in the Puget Sound. They are not as big as they can get down the coast towards the south though.

Sunset view – click for viewing full screen

There’s lots of beach sand to see at low tide, when looking straight at the sunset:

Looking at the sunset on the ocean – click for viewing full screen

This is a panorama photo that was made from the others by Google Photos. I like the way the sky colors look and you can get a feel for how the crowd felt. It was a just wonderful sunset.

Panorama of sky colors at sunset – click for viewing full screen

It was a really fun camping trip and these were some of the first photos that I took just after arriving at the camp. I will post more photos of the trip.

Thanks for reading! I always value your support and comments. The pictures were taken by me with my Galaxy S9+ with some modifications done in the digital darkroom on the last picture by Google Photos.


Cool shots! We both featured sun shots in our posts. You must of been think subconsciously of the solstice lol. I really would love to metal detect that beach!!! Great shots as always.

It is interesting that you mentioned metal detection, because this beach really sparkles. There are a few people that are mining for gold in the darker sand on it. I think maybe the gold is being washed down from the Colombia river and deposited by the waves on the beach but I'm not sure about it.

Oh you can find gold with a metal detector, usually the round kind sometimes with diamonds lol. But yeah there is a whole community on YouTube that does gold panning or building and using gold sluice boxes. Some guys really get bit hard by the gold bug. They even do it here! The thinking is some of the glaciers brought down that Canadian gold. I will admit to panning a time or two. Fun way to pass the time.

Wow! such a wonderful sky photography. I love your post. Really amazing click. Thank you for sharing with us " Best of luck.

Nice photography I have ever seen using the camera phone @lightsplasher why now @lightsplasher rarely post if you are sibik on holiday so rarely make a post. I always wait to post my sodara @lightsplasher

I get busy doing other stuff plus I don't always have access to the Internet so sometimes I don't post much.

Yes @lightsplasher, hope you are healthy always and I look forward to your next ponstingan, teimakasih @lightsplasher

Wonderful collection of shots, LS:) I have no idea where the Cape got its name with Vistas like these. They were all gorgeous but that last shot was truly superb:) Truly. Hope you are having in a wonderful day:):):)

Thank you much. :) I think the Cape got its name from an early explorer who was 'disappointed' that it wasn't the mouth of the giant river he was trying to find. Apparently the area is very difficult to navigate, but the river he was looking for was there.

Perhaps a rename is in order:)

a very enjoyable trip I really like the sunset, with the light radiance oranyo then look very beautiful in upuk the sky to the west, I really like this photo


Thank you, that photo I really like too. There is one person on the beach with their arms out that expresses a lot of how I felt at the time.

yes I can understand your feelings my buddy, I also really liked the view of the beach and the sunset, I was just yesterday coming home from vacation, and his picture I have postingkan this afternoon hopefully my friend @lightsplasher want to see my post thanks

Wow excellent photography experience and very very really look sky.
Great photography sir.
Thanks @lightsplasher
Have a great day

Thanks @goldcoin have a wonderful one. :)

Some beautiful sunsets. I live in North Idaho and it has been a long time since I was near where you took these. maybe as I did deeper into retirement I can get to the coastal area of Washington and Oregon. So much beauty in the Pacific Northwest. Thank you for sharing.

If you want to know how I feel when watching this, the answer is I'm very happy and I really enjoy this. Can you teach me how to aim properly?

Thank you, I'm happy that the pictures made you happy. There are many different tutorials on photography and composition on the net, I would start by reading about photography. I'm still very much learning about things and just go by my own feel about how to aim properly. It helps to take a lot of pictures in hopes that some come out okay and you can learn a lot by just trying out different things.

What a beautiful sight, I followed you, upvote and resteem

Hi, thanks for the support, I appreciate that.

Thank you for brother @lightsplasher hopefully stay healthy always I always wait for the latest post from brother @lightsplasher successful greetings from me, oh yes my brother now find the caterpillar but very strange caterpillar is brother

,hi my friend, it's almost this week my friend did not show new post, what my friend in healthy health always there always? hopefully, my healthy healthy friend as, today I send the results of the photo I postingkan. hopefully my friend likes his gratitude


Hi my friend, I've been kind of busy again but doing fine. Thanks for asking. Nice pictures.

Hi my friend how are you doing this night tonight buddy? hopefully you are fine and healthy always oh yes my dear friend! tonight I send the photography results dear best friend my loved it thank you


The stunning natural panorama, the sun filled with beauty, makes anyone who sees to be entertained, extraordinary. You are very creative brother

Thank you. I enjoy photography and like to take and see photos.

It's amazing, a lot of people on the beach are enjoying the beach atmosphere and the sun is so take pictures perfectly @lightsplasher.👍👍

both friends, I am also a nature lover and love photography. greetings

Wow Excellent photography
I love you post
Really your amazing post
Thank you for the sharing
Thank you so much My Dear steemit friend

I remember when I was on the beach with my little family, enjoying the cool beach atmosphere with the breeze. thank you for sharing some of these perfect photos .. let me resteem this post @lightsplasher.

Thank you for the comment and support. The cool breeze on the beach felt nice after traveling in the hot weather. It is fun to enjoy it.

yes, I can feel it when I'm a couple of hours on the beach with my little family, I hope your day will please my friends and I will see your next post.

Oh oh, pictures-make-the-world-go-round la la, lolz. They are such beautiful pictures I could hug them! Wouldn't it be nice if life was exactly as beautiful pictures!

But Cape Disappointment ... What a name!

very beautiful view of brother, I am very happy to see the beauty of nature both at sunrise and at sunset. because its beauty is different from other natural beauty.

the sunset photos you capture look very beautiful. we can see or enjoy the beautiful sun at sunrise and sunset.

Very cool panorama. The heart is so comfortable if we are there. Thank you for sharing our beauty and happiness. May you always be blessed brother @lightsplasher.

Thank you, may you always be blessed as well brother @cepul. I enjoy looking at your macro photography too.

You are welcome brother @lightsplasher.
I learned a lot from you. every trip has a story to share and I tell it through photo macros.

beautiful nature perfect photography.

Very good shooting, I like and amazed .. wow amazing.

Thank you, I just point and 'click' or sometimes I say, "cheese" at the smart-phone camera but the voice recognition sometimes gets confused from the sound of the waves and wind and won't take the photo. :)

Hi my first brother just want healthy brother always and still successful success greet me, oh yes my brother is glad to see new photography from brother and i will not miss this beautiful thing like this you share, especially the latest photo from brother about sun view immersed looks very Beautiful her photo also looks so clear I really like her brother thanks for sharing about things that i like.

Thank you, I'm glad you liked the photos. It is fun to share the photography.

Yes brother, I am also pleased to share photography with relatives, and I will make my photography Fine hopefully his brother can enjoy

The picture is amazing. Maybe if I were there I really enjoyed this.

I am grateful to be able to go to such places. I think if you enjoy the pictures, you would enjoy going there as well.

Yeah @lightsplasher that's really wonderful of sky colour,,, it seem that is suitable for holiday cause of the view of beach.

It was a great place to take a vacation at. I enjoy going to the beach.

very beautiful post once beloved friend, me, I just this time to see the beauty of the sun when immersed immensely beautiful I really like his gratitude beloved companion, for sharing greetings from me @kabil

this very nice photo can not be separated from the nice camera.
Good job sir

Very amazing camera and beautiful.
I like this camera friend

hi, my friend how are you going tonight my friend? hopefully my good friend @lightsplasher good good and successful sekalu, with his day job, that's what I hope it is ,, oh, my friend, I want to show you, some pictures that I took when I was on vacation yesterday in the forest bakou bakou in our country indonesia its right in aceh east langsa, hope my friend liked his thanks


That looks like a really fun place to go for a swim. Nice vacation area my friend. I'm doing fine, thanks for asking, I hope you are too.

nice landscape @lightsplasher, let alone in the afternoon extraordinary comrades

I really like the landscape and may share some other photos of the trip - thank you. :)

seeing the sunset is very beautiful, I often do it, you there may be more happy while looking at the ocean pacasi


I really like seeing ocean sunsets. There is something about watching the sun going down by the edge of ocean while hearing the waves that is soothing.

a very enjoyable trip I really like the sunset, with the light radiance oranyo then look very beautiful pictures dangat incredible I am very fond of her


Thanks, yes it was a very nice place to camp with wonderful views.

How are you brother after long time i visit your blog your post is beautiful spacialy your sky photography is very wonderful i hope you visit my blog and run my work i hope you like my post ......?

I love the collors 🔥 perfect timig 👌

hi brothers what about the plants in your garden whether the plant is growing well in this season hopefully the plant is well-healed, oh yes my brother today found the animals that disturb my rice plant, and i made a new post to challenge the animals that disturb the rice me, may you @lightsplasher can see it.

hi my friend has been two days posting my sel lonely without your mr presence, really hope that my friend always present to my post, thank my friend hopefully my friend, happy always.

I must say amazing pics. May favorite one was the second last. Sun set and it's shadow in wter is just giving amazing look. Thanks for sharing @lightsplasher

hi my friend how are you tonight my buddy? hopefully your news healthy healthy always and no less anything, oh ya my friend tonight I postingan about the benefits of the fruit noni may my best friend @lightsplasher likes his thanks



the twilight is so beautiful. very suitable to enjoy while calming the mind that is chaotic.

Best view dear buddy...
I miss u buddy. Please visit me

Beautyfull sky clour awesone goodjob

hi brothers how are you doing now my brothers and sisters keep healthy, oh yes my brother find this insect pest, but I am very restless this animal will attack my rice, even I have made a new post about this pest animal, if you there is a chance I really hope you see it, whether in your area have seen this animal who attacked the plant thanks brother @lightsplasher

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Love those clouds! Great shots. Wonder why it was a disappointment?

hi my friend how are you tonight my dear friend? hopefully your news healthy healthy always and nothing less something, oh ya buddy tonight I post it problem benefit bengkudu hopefully my best friend @lightsplasher likes his thanks*


Beautiful photography

hi brothers how are you doing now my brothers and sisters keep healthy, oh yes my brother find this insect pest, but I am very restless this animal will attack my rice, even I have made a new post about this pest animal, if you there is a chance I really hope you see it, whether in your area have seen this animal who attacked the plant thanks brother @lightsplasher

hi my friend how are you tonight my friend my friend hope my news healthy healthy always and no less anything, oh ya buddy tonight i mem pistingkan problem hopefully to beast animal and to the beauty of nature my best friend @lightsplasher likes his thanks


hi, my brother @lightsplasher how are you friends there? and this is the photo I took as the sun began to set, and when I took this picture I stood on a very high hill, and I really hope that my garden @lightsplasher likes it.


Good photography

hi brother @ lightsplasher how are you doing i made two posts about insects and yellow caterpillars, if you do not mind i hope you can see her.

Good job my senior friend.

hi friends, how are you friends today ,? are you okay good, hopefully you are fine alright, today i am looking at my photography jasil today hopefully my best friend @lightsplasher likes her


Yeah @lightsplasher that's really wonderful of sky colour,,, it seem that is suitable for holiday cause of the view of beach.

Her picture is really cool @lightsplasher waves her big big sky was so bright when the eyes of the day went down

a magnificent sight when the sun will set and will be replaced with a dark scene: [time of nightfall]. Really a very pleasant travel friend @lightsplasher. I hope you are healthy and always happy.

I see my brother's post, @lightsplasher I am very touched by my brother's post, because I have long since left my village, so when I see the post @lightsplasher, very reminiscent of my hometown, thank you for your good post brother @lightsplasher .

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