On Bunnies, Bees and Hydrogen Power

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I was gardening the other day, pulling up some weeds when a very small bunny came out from the behind the buttercups. I wasn’t doing much at the time and we kind of looked at each other for a while and I got these pictures:

Small bunny – click for viewing full screen

A bunny this size can easily fit under the fence to get into my yard. They seem to like the natural plants more than some of these type of flowers:

Flower in the front yard – click for viewing full screen

The blackberries are in full bloom and there are many bees in my yard buzzing around constantly. A couple times this season I have seen bees that were just laying on flowers almost motionless. It seemed like they were still alive because I could see the antennas moving if I waited long enough.

It was almost as if they were having to fly so far to get to the flowers that they were all tired out by the time they got here. There was no pollen on their legs so that was my best guess. It was easy to take some pictures of the resting bees:

Resting bee – click for viewing full screen

Here’s another picture of one of them busy getting pollen:

Busy bee getting pollen – click for viewing full screen

I was thinking it would be a very peaceful way to go resting on a giant flower with the fragrance of nectar in the gentle breeze. Everything takes effort and we like to hope that the things we do will pay off in the end and the effort we make will be filled with joy and fun.

One of the quotes I like goes something like, “If you can turn your effort into play you never have to work a day in your life.” I forget who said that, but don’t quote me on that, its kind of a best kept secret. It seems like some people think I’m a hedonist already and they might get mad if they see me sitting around all the time and take to ordering me around just for spite. :D

My favorite excuse for staring at my computer monitor, “Trady coins don’t just trade themselves you know, everything takes effort, working hard here, working hard,...” LOL.

All kidding aside, clean energy is like effort that is given freely by the environment that doesn’t destroy habitat and make things difficult for many things to survive.

Peaceful bee – click for viewing full screen

So what does this have to do with hydrogen power? Well, not a whole lot, it’s mostly about me liking to show off my photography, lol. However, the birds, bees and bunnies like a clean natural environment although they don’t say so in so many words.

Burning hydrogen instead of gas could help clean up the environment a lot. Hydrogen burns very cleanly and produces water. There has been a lot of talk about how it could be the answer to our climate issues and provide clean energy without much effort.

We could make hydrogen fuel from water in our garage or buy it in gas stations. It could be burned in existing car engines so there would be no need to make a lot of new vehicles. Making cars is a very resource intensive process in itself, so reuse of current vehicles is beneficial.

If you are more interested in details I would highly recommend reading this article on it: HyTech Power

Thanks for reading! I always value your support and comments. The pictures were taken by me with my Galaxy S9+ with some modifications done in the digital darkroom using GIMP and Google Photos.


Hi brother @lightsplasher how are you doing now, if you do not like any more about my photography I have shared, there are two photography I have not seen if it is not good

Hi brother, I'm usually busy but doing fine now thank you. I'm not sure if 'busy' is the right word for it though, LOL. How are you? (Oops, I actually didn't mean to vote your comment up full strength but Steemit seemed to think I did and I wasn't paying much attention, oh well, LOL)

Heheheh of course I'm fine, busy person is fast success LOL😊 I think where you do not look sisters may stay healthy.

a beautiful plant and an amazing garden. I like to post you friend. Continue to post your best wishes

Best wishes to you too, thank you.

Looks like a bunny with bees is very friendly with you, so you can take pictures perfectly. I admire him. :)

great photography..
nice to share.
thank you very much

hi brothers how are i want very much is our health brother, oh yes my brother is very happy to see you in gardening, oh yes brother rabbit it is very beautiful i like about rabbit let alone there is a white rabbit. About the flowers on the page drpan is very nice shape and its flowers as well as the color I am happy to see the latest news from relatives, thank you for sharing about good things like this. Brother @lightsplasher also very brave in taking pictures of bees suck honey be careful you do not get in the sting by the bee. his photography is also very beautiful and quite clear brother thanks the brother

Thank you brother, best wishes for you. :)

Same brother, I hope you also can enjoy photography in my post one day ago hope you also glad to see it,

Can you take me there? I want to be there to play with rabbits. :)

They are fun but not tame really. They seem to be somewhat trusting of me though, at least enough to stick around for a fast photo.

That's amazing, maybe they like you :)

interesting postings about nature and rabbits. I like your photography friend ..

Photography of this flower is very beautiful @lightsplasher, I rarely see jenos yanng flowers you fotp @lightsplasher, flowers are that his name

Success always for you my friend @lightsplasher

I love the way you work, in addition to having the ability to photograph you also managed to string up good words on your blog and very interesting when I understand it. I have followed you and have a nice day @lightsplasher

I like to hear your thoughts on hydrogen as well as seeing your photography! This was so much fun and gives me ideas to respond with, instead of hijacking the comments section I will do a post to respond and link to this! Thanks for the ideas, my friend!

It is interesting that ideas for this post came from recent dialogue with you my friend. I love how things tend to build on each other.

butterflies are very beautiful @lightsplaser, but very in pity the current population of butterflies are endangered because many are hunted by irresponsible people,,

There are so many factors that are lowering the population of butterflies and other things, from the loss of habitat to the overuse of insecticide. I do believe we can change things around but it will take some effort and positive changes.

Very nice macrophotography of bees and bunny. Bees legs are not only used to transfer pollens but I hear they smell by using their legs

That's interesting, I never heard that before. I wonder how they figured that out.

his rabbit is nice too yes. now many bees are used as one tool to find a little money to earn a little income.

These seem more like wild bees but they might be coming from a hive that someone is keeping to make income from honey.

I basically scanned the last pages of the linked article ( it was a long read) But it's good news that I hope becomes a reality soon!

And hey! Aren't those the bees that supposedly sting? What are they doing flying so closely?

That saying about turning work to play is really cool, if some people want to be known as workaholics, that's okay, my imho.

It sure would be nice to have a clean renewable power source. It could lower the cost of transportation and so many other things that we consume. Plus all the benefits of not polluting.

I've never been stung by any of those bees, but I'm pretty careful if I trim the blackberries this time of year - I wouldn't want them to get angry at me. Bees are usually fine to be around but I have been stung a few times. One time somebody stepped on a hive in the woods and they came after me.

Actually wasps and hornets can be really bad because they sting over and over if you disturb their nest, I'm pretty careful around their nests. Paper wasps are usually okay if you don't disturb them though and they are not too aggressive. They help out the garden by eating pests.

A very positive and proactive post, LS:) The bunny shot was so lovely and you got some great macro shots of the bees. I tried the other day but they just wouldn't sit still for me. They were still pretty ... pretty but blurry:) And I agree, we definitely need to use clean energy. Many blessings, LS:)

Thank you, many blessing to you too. Clean energy would really make me happy to see.

It's an incredible moment, gaining moments of gaze with a rabbit.

Interest is an object that I often post and have never received interest like this. Is this interest only in your area brothers? I love it.

You are very lucky to capture such moments. I envy you brother. I really want to get moments like you get. A rabbit, a very beautiful flower and a bee that is getting pollen. It was a great moment.

You are welcome brother.

The small bunny is so cute :)

It is so fun to see them around the yard. There have been quite a few this season.

hi, my beloved friend @lightsplasher, how are you there friend, i really like photography very good friends, and i have some photography, i want to show to my beloved friend @lightsplasher.




thanks my dear friend @lightsplasher your post is very beautiful and beautiful I really like it and the picture quality is very clear thank you for sharing greetings from me @kabil

Hi @kabil I'm glad you enjoyed the photos. I enjoy looking at your photos as well my friend.

thank you dear friend really happy me if you like to see my posting, best regards my best friend from me @kabil if you want to please follow me back he he he

The natural beauty is amazingly nice and the rabbits are very cute. Good post brother @lightsplasher. I want to share your post.

I think the bees besides enjoying the aroma of nectar on the giant flower and enjoy tiyupan the breeze !. This bee can also enjoy one of the honey or liquid that is in the flower. thanks. many good friends @lightsplasher for your great support in my work. I am very satisfied and pleasant. hopefully there healthy and fun always friends.

Thank you for your support of my work as well my friend. It is fun to share photos and thoughts.

Blackberry is very beautiful, wow there are bees that are sucking honey is nice, very beautiful flower, hai @lightsplasher I apologize slow make comments because I am now healthy but any way I have long follow your post post, though slow but I always is in every post you



Oh, no problem. I pretty slow in responding sometimes and get stuck doing all kinds of different other things. Thanks for your support.

Yes, thank you

Beautiful photography

Photography is very beautiful I really appreciate your photography

hi my friend, i really like, the picture that my friend postingkan today, the picture is very nice and natural I really enjoy the view of this flower photo, the result of the photo is very remarkable thank my friend for having seen photo photo very good


I like your additions on the photo my friend. Very creative. :)

It's perfect, you managed to make all these photos interesting to see. resteem let others see it and I have followed you @lightsplasher. 👍👍👍👍

Thank you, that is very nice of you.

Blackberry is very beautiful, wow there is a bee that is sucking honey is nice, very beautiful flower flowers, hai @lightsplasher happy with you mutually sharing with me, greetings feast day tomorrow better than yesterday


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the rabbit is very small and adorable, and the flowers that bloom perfectly with very beautiful I really love. thanks for the information brother!!!!

This rabbit is very cute and adorable and this beautiful flower blooms very beautifully

Upvote me please

Beautiful garden!

Upvote me please

Rabbit and flower is very funny and beautiful...

Hi brothers how are you today, may you keep healthy always successful greetings from my brothers @lightsplasher, oh well you hope you are happy with my photography I post.

This is very interesting for any Steemian. Because rabbit and this flower is very funny and beautiful.

hi my friend how are you today buddy,? what are you okay, hopefully you are fine my friend, oh yes my friend i sent ka my photography today hopefully my friend liked his thanks


Very nice post sir this nice photography i like your photo macro sir
I always support you and will will resteem this post @lightsplasher

Very wonderful, gardens and rabbits to be a complement to the days, I really like rabbit brother. Thank you brother.


hi my friend how are you today buddy,? what are you okay, hopefully you are fine my friend, oh yes my friend i sent ka my photography today hopefully my friend liked his thanks


hi my friend how are you today buddy,? what are you okay, hopefully you are fine my friend, oh yes my friend i sent ka my photography today hopefully my friend liked his thanks


rabbit is perfect to be used as a pet because of its shape and its funny and unique. flowers are also blooming very beautiful honey bee so very sucked pollen that is on the flower.

Wow great post. The flower is beauty. I have been reblog your post and upvote your post. please visit my blog and upvote my new post @lightsplasher

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hi brothers @lightsplasher how about you may brothers in to there health, now i am always waiting for the latest from brother oh yes my brother have some phothography about red flowers, hope you can see her if not busy in his work.

hi my brother know you are so busy in these few days may you be able to finish your work successfully and healthy brother always, oh yes my brother feel happy when i can post about the beautiful red flowers and grasshopper which vary its color if brother @lightsplasher not busy I want you to be able to see my latest phothography.

hi my friend how are you today buddy,? what are you okay, hopefully you are fine my friend, oh yes my friend i sent ka my photography today hopefully my friend liked his thanks


hi brother @lightsplasher thank you so much for visiting my phothography, hope you are fine, hopefully when you are not busy and can make new posts i always wait for the latest from my brother.

hi my friend how are you today buddy,? what are you okay, hopefully you are fine my friend, oh yes my friend i sent ka my photography today hopefully my friend liked his thanks


My greatest thanks to my brother @lightsplasher and I hope my brother to be rich and successful in the field of plantation and in the field of cryptocurieency.Oh yeah brother how about my new phothography hope you can enjoy it if you are not busy.

hi, my friend how are you doing tonight buddy buddy? hopefully my good friend @lightsplasher good and successful alas, with his day job, that's what I hope it is ,, oh, yes my friend, I want to see it, some pictures that I took while I was on vacation yesterday in protected forest bakou in our country indonesia its right in aceh east langsa, hope my friend likes his gratitude


My greatest thanks to my sister @lightsplasher and I hope my brother becomes rich and successful in the field of plantation and in the field of cryptocurieency. Oh yeah how about the new phothography I hope you can enjoy it if you are not busy.

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