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Technology in the photography space is advancing every year. I was sitting here thinking that eventually, drone technology will be so good, and the camera megapixel count and sharpness will be so advanced, that eventually you could send a drone up in the sky with a good camera, take random shots, then crop them and have sharp pictures that would look like you were standing right near the object in the photo. Cropping the photos would act as a zoom feature, allowing close shots even though the drones are far away.

If that ever happens, everyone would look at regular hand held and tripod held cameras the way we all look at old style Polaroid instant photo cameras now: as antiques.

What do you think? Comment below your thoughts about the future of photography technology and what you think the future technological advancements will be.

This has been another edition of @lig007's random posts.

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Interesting information! ;)


Thank you! I'm trying a random posts series.


You're welcome! ;)