📷 Flower Power In The Park- Bees At Work On Beautiful Bush Roses" 📷

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Hello dear Steemians

Best Weather And A lot Of Work

Yesterday it has been an amazingly beautiful day. Lots of sun and many bees on the sweet blossoms. 

Here I show you views sweet bush roses and on diligent flying workers who have a lot of work to pollinate right now.

Panasonic DMC-LX 100 without editing

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Nature is so beautiful. Flowers are the most beautiful in nature. I always enjoy your flower photography. So nice flowers I ever seen.

Nature is so beautiful. Flowers are the most beautiful in nature. I always enjoy your flower photography. So nice flowers I ever seen.

If love is more beautiful when the bee is on top of the flower.

really very wonderfull photography of bush roses.just hurt touching shots you capturs today in your blog.just super photography.very well done..my dear friend.. @lichtblick

Mmmhh, dann gibt es wieder guten Honig, dank den fleißigen Bienen

Wow @lichtblick you share another great photography!

really really awesome natural photography! its fresh minded photo shot.

Wunderschöne Bilder

Danke schön :-)

Very beautiful flower,In every beautiful flower there is always a sucking of honey.

i really enjoy seeing these kind of photos here on steemit. thanks bro, looking forward for more. best regards!

thanks bro, so generous of you. followed :)

scheint bei euch viel wärmer zu sein als bei uns. wir sind bei angenehmen 20 Grad +. aber der Sommer kommt garantiert und dann richtig

Hier hat es bereits bis zu 30 Grad :-) Ging echt schnell dieses Jahr.

Beautiful bushes with cute bee ;)

Sehr schön lieber lichtblick.
Auch das mit den Bienen kommt gut. Voller Support von mir.

Herzlichsten Dank mein Lieber. Das freut mich sehr.

Oh, they're so sweet and beautiful.

Beautiful flowers. Such flowers grow near my house.


wonderful nature photography D:) @lichtblick
i like your post. thank you for share

I am Really Rally Love White Flowers..

Thank You for Share Great Flowers Photography!

Beautiful flower collection ... very charming...

Flower Power In The Garden - Mawar Indah Indah Mawar and very cool photography.upvote and resteem have me.@lichtblick

what a beautiful flower. have captured this flower from heaven!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Excellent photography with very nice capture, The bee try to collect nectar from flower that's looking so amazing.

Beautiful and very amazing clicks this is so elegant and perfect clicks

White flowers symbol of purity and cleanliness, white flowers much favored people..
Like 📷photography @lichtblick

Beautiful photography of beautiful flowers. All in all, a very nice post

Very nice fhotography..i love it

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