Awesome Graffiti Art On The STEEM Blockchain "Cool Molecule Camouflage Style On The Wall "

in #photography4 months ago

Hello, dear Steemians


Art In The Park

Today I show you a huge mural, which was sprayed in camouflage style.
From a distance I could almost not recognize what it is at all.

A character mural which has logo similarity.


This was not waived on pop color dots which could represent molecular chains.
I'm curious whether it is still there tomorrow.


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It seems like some 3D art of griffiti on the wall.

Thank you very much.

art is amazingly beautiful, to be honest I was very interested when I saw it, thank you for sharing, good luck always @lichtblick

Thanks for the resteem.

You'are welcome, I also thank you, you want to support my post.

Always given us somrthing new to talk about

Thank you very much :-)